Trànsit: La vetlla

The artist Núria Agulló, accompanied by the Comitiva Flordeneu, pays homage to the millennium of the expulsion of the Abbesses, expelled from the Monastery. This piece is a hint of the show, which took place in the Abbey Palace of Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Catalonia), on the night of August 13th, 2017.

Produced by: Comitiva Flordeneu
Year: 2017
Director and Editor: Ariadna Pujol
Camera Operator: Ariadna Pujol & Raül Roda
Sound Design: Juan Sánchez "Cuti"
Original Music: Comitiva Flordeneu

Comitiva Flordeneu is composed by:
Voice: Núria Agulló
Guitar: Ivan Lledó
Accordion: Guide Sellarés
Flute: Inés Fernández
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet: Iñaki Peña